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Is it possible to change commit messages using git rebase, but without having to re-resolve merge conflicts? I need to bowdlerize an older repo and I don't want to change any of the actual code, just the messages. I've tried --preserve-merges.

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There's a little-known feature of git called "Reuse Recorded Resolutions", or rerere.

You can enable it globally by running git config --global rerere.enabled 1.

If rerere is enabled, git will automatically save conflict resolutions, and will reuse those resolutions later if it encounters the same conflicts. This has the net result of not requiring the user to re-resolve these previously seen conflicts.

The feature is explained further in a post on the Pro Git Blog. For more detail, look at the help document for git rerere.

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Unfortunately this will only help you if you had it enabled when you first did the merges - by now it's too late. There is a script called rerere-train in the contrib portion of Git's source which goes through existing history and makes rerere learn conflict resolutions from existing merges - assuming it works, that'd help you in this case. –  Jefromi Feb 13 '12 at 4:33

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