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I am unable to send a POST request with dojo.io.iframe.send. According to the documentation (http://dojotoolkit.org/api/1.6/dojo.io.iframe.send and http://livedocs.dojotoolkit.org/dojo/io/iframe), you are supposed to be able to send a parameter method: 'POST' and have it post the request. But that isn't happening.

I created a JSFiddle to show the issue


Watch the network traffic with Chrome Developer Tools or Firebug and you'll see that it always uses GET instead of POST

Any ideas?


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Found the answer incase it helps someone else. You basically have to create a form and set the form method to post and assign it to the dojo.io.iframe.send form parameter...

Don't understand why, but doing that changes the request into a POST one!

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