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I'm getting a syntax error when I attempt to run my program and the print in the last line is highlighted in red. I don't understand why there is a syntax error.

# 6. Calculate the radius of the circle using the
#      distance formula on a given point and the center
r = math.sqrt((a-x)** + (b-y)**

# 7. Output to the shell the location of the center
#    of the circle
print("The center of the circle is at (",x,",", y,")",sep="")

# 8. Output to the shell the radius of the circle              
print("The radius of the circle is " , r)
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r = math.sqrt((a-x)** + (b-y)**

should probably be

r = math.sqrt((a-x)**2 + (b-y)**2)

The missing closing paren makes the expression spread out to the following lines. Up to the print() call in the last line, the expression conforms to Python's grammar (even if this appears surprising at first).

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i tried as you suggested but now i get an invalid syntax error on that closing parentheses. –  Jahe234 Feb 12 '12 at 22:45
that did it. Thank you so much! –  Jahe234 Feb 12 '12 at 22:50

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