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Is there a way with css to add a certain style only to elements within a certain other element? For example: the textareas within a certain div element would have a certain style, but other textareas would not have that style.

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div.your-style > textarea{
   height: 60px;
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Since the OP is apparently new to CSS, it should be noted that this only works for textareas that are a direct child of the div, and won't work if they are, for example, wrapped in a label or another div: reference.sitepoint.com/css/childselector. The OP may need a simple descendant selector instead. –  Wesley Murch Feb 12 '12 at 23:38


<div id="dv1">
    <div class="dv2"></div>


#dv1{ ... }
.dv2{ ... }
#dv1 .dv2{ ... }
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This looks to be a good sample –  Ravia Feb 13 '12 at 15:44

You could do this for example:

div.classname textarea
    // css
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<div id="xxx"

<div class="yyy"


#xxx{  anything with id xxx

.yyy{   anything  with class yyy

div{   all div(s)

div.yyy{   the div with class yyy

div #xxx{   the div's sub element with id xxx

 div .yyy{   the div's sub element with class yyy

.yyy div{  any div inside a element with class yyy
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.foo textarea {
    color: red;

That changes the font color of all text areas inside elements with a class foo.

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For all textareas


For certain textarea inside a div with id 'mydiv'

#mydiv > textarea{color:red}

For certain textarea inside a div with class 'mydiv'

.mydiv > textarea{color:gray}
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You can do this without or without the new CSS selector, which is -> either .yourclass img{} or .yourclass->img{} will do the same thing.

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