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Komodo Edit (6.1) is, for the most part, a treat to use for editing Ruby on Rails code. However, it is lacking when it comes to .erb files. There appears to be absolutely no code intelligence or completion for <% %> or <%= %>. I know about the Ruby on Rails extension for Komodo, but unfortunately it is out of date. Does anyone know of how I can make Komodo Edit a bit smarter when it comes to .erb files?

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The problem with Ruby code-completion in general is that currently Komodo doesn't assign a type to block parameters. So for example, if you type "for" after "<%" you should see a list of terms that start with "for". Suppose you select "form_for", and end up typing

<% form_for(@item) do |f| %>

<%= f.[|]

where "[|]" marks the cursor location.

At this point Komodo (still) doesn't have a type for variable f, so it doesn't offer any property or method names after the "."

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Thanks for the explanation. Do you know of an editor which supports block parameters? – arcticseal Feb 15 '12 at 0:14

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