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How can I call an Oracle stored proc from SAS to pass values and return values. I have SAS/ACCESS and running SAS 9.3

Thanks Dan

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Check out the SQL passthrough facility maybe? –  stevepastelan Feb 13 '12 at 19:14

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This should work:

proc sql;

connect to oracle (user="oracleUserName" password="pass" path="serverPath" CONNECTION=GLOBAL CONNECTION_GROUP = SASAML);

execute( execute MyPackage.MyProcedure(&param1, &param2) ) by oracle;

/* param1 and param2 are macro variables here */

disconnect from oracle;

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This should work fine in SAS 9.2 and above using ODBC passthrough.

Here's a similar discussion with relevant links:


I'll try and come back sometime to surmise the linked article in this answer...

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Pass-through stored procedure execution does not support output parameters. But if you need only one output parameter, a workaround is to use a function and "SELECT FROM dual" query. Here is in example (it uses one input parameter that is passed in from a macro variable).

%let a =  'ddd'; 
proc sql;
    connect to oracle as ora2 (user=xxx password=xxx path="xxx");
    select * from connection to ora2 (
    SELECT test_fun(p_a => &a.) FROM dual
    disconnect from ora2;
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