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I am looking for a clean solution to create multiple database records from a single form, that all have the same values specified in the form. Only the ID should obviously be different.

I need this function to let the user create 100+ records at once as a kind of templating.

So ideally in the form the user can type a number for the count of records she/he would like to create with the filled in values.

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Is your DB is MySQL or SQL DB or Oracle? –  Thit Lwin Oo Feb 13 '12 at 0:28
a "little" late, sorry. It's postgresql. –  blissini Nov 15 '13 at 9:21

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Use an iterator. Example:

def create_many
  count = params[:count].to_i
  # count within reasonable limits, check if object will validate
  if (1..100) === count && Object.new(params[:object]).valid?
    count.times { Object.create(params[:object]) }   # <= the iterator
    redirect_to my_custom_view   # <= custom 'show' view
    render :text => "Couldn't do it."   # <= failure message

This example expects two parameters, :object which contains resource attributes, and :count which specifies how many records to create.

You need a custom show view to handle getting and displaying all of the newly created records.

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