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I have read a lot about this! But I can't make a clear idea! JSTL is used to avoid Java code in JSP files. I see many variant! <jsp:useBean> or <c:out>... And sometimes, people refer to them as Tag Libs.

I think that I miss something here! Help please. What's JSTL? What are Tag Libraries? Are there any differences? In some situations, you need a c.tld file, but I never heard about a jsp.tld file. Why is that?

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Breathe deeply and put your mouse above the [jstl] tag which you have put below the question yourself, wait until a black box shows and then click therein the info link. This kind of information is by the way also covered in the Java EE tutorial. – BalusC Feb 13 '12 at 0:46
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  • Tag libraries are pieces of Java code that can be used within a JSP, but which conform to a certain API and which look like HTML tags in the JSP.
  • A tag library description file (TLD) describes the names of these tags, what attributes they can have and what Java classes implement them
  • The Java Standard Template Library (JSTL) is a specific standardized tag library
  • <jsp:useBean> is not a tag library tag (despite looking like one). It's an action defined in the JSP standard. Yes, this is questionable design.
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Thanks! I get it now! – zwan Feb 13 '12 at 1:03

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