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Related to Access restriction on class due to restriction on required library rt.jar? jaxb-impl has many classes that are provided by rt.jar, which is the reason behind the warning.

I generated my web service from a WSDL file.

If I'm meant to exclude jaxb-impl in order to get rid of the warning, what is it for then?

Which are the libraries I really need to keep for my web service to run, and which were only useful for generating the code related to it?

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jaxb-impl is the JAXB implementation that CXF will use by default. In most cases, you can remove it at runtime (not at wsdl2java time though) and CXF will be ok. However, the jaxb-impl that CXF pulls in is generally newer than the versions found in the JDK and usually has several bugs fixed that would still be present in the in-JDK versions of JAXB. CXF and CXF users tend to stress JAXB pretty hard and find interesting issues that we log with them and eventually get fixed.

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