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I don't know how to convert a non terminating binary number(fraction) to decimal . Can anybody guide me how to do with an example?

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if the binary number is a unterminated integer, it would be infinite (positive or negative). How can you represent infinite number in decimal? I think it's .

else if the binary number is a float-point number, congratulations. In many standard of float-point number(e.g., IEEE 754), the mantissa is represented by a binary pattern in which the highest bit has a value of 1/2, the second bit has a value of 1/4 etc. So that you can convert it into decimal by accumulate each bit one by one from left.

For example, you have a unterminated binary patter say


to convert into decimal just accumulate them as

1*1/2 + 0*1/4 + 1*1/8 + 1*1/16 + 1*1/32 + 0*1/64 + 1*1/128 + 1*1/256 ........

until you get enough precision.

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