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I have a pretty straight forward nested form.

Categories has_many awards has_many recommendations.

So my recommendation form is a partial and the form_for leads off with:

<%= form_for [@category, @award, @recommendation], :url => category_award_recommendations_path(@category, @award, @recommendation),  :html => { :multipart => true}  do |f| %>

this works fine and processes for the #new form. But when I mess with the #edit view it renders fine but when I submit it it uses the following url:


Question: Why does it render the "." instead of a "/"

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Anyone?, I have not been able to resolve this issue. –  TJ Sherrill Feb 14 '12 at 15:25

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You are using category_award_recommendations_path, when it should be category_award_recommendation_path (notice the s missing at the end of recommendation).

EDIT: This is the answer for

Why does it render the "." instead of a "/"

Your form action url should change wether it's creating something or editing something. form_for does it itself when you don't supply the :url option, based on wether the object is persisted or not.

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