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my app sent out a batch of posts tonight that were created erroneously. I would like to delete them, but I don't currently store the ids of posts that I create.

Is there a way to query for posts made after a certain time?

Once I have the ids I think I know how to delete them.

I'm using the Ruby gems facebooker2 and mogli.

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You can retrieve the posts from feed or home connection of user.

For using those connections to read users post you will need read_stream permissions from user (which may be a bit problematic in your case if you not yet have this permission granted) and active access_token (this one will be needed to remove the posts too).

  • feed connection can be easily parsed to get posts from your application (since every post object have application property containing name and id)
  • home connection contain much more details to parse but you can filter results by application using filter (like /USER_ID/home/filter=app_2305272732).

Once you discovered the posts you may delete 'em by issuing DELETE request to Graph API:

DELETE https://graph.facebook.com/POST_ID?access_token=...

Or several posts for same user:

DELETE https://graph.facebook.com/?ids=POST_ID_1,POST_ID_2,POST_ID_N?access_token=...

Since you said you didn't stored ids of post that published, more problematic may be discovering the list of users who got posted.

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I actually do have the list of users. However, this approach requires the read_stream permission. Is there no way to access these posts as an administrator of the app? –  schwabsauce Feb 17 '12 at 21:40

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