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Where do i place the user defined functions in zend framework. These functions will used across the framework in many controls, views or models. Do i need to convert this to a utility class? Or i can just keep it as a set of functions and include it in index.php.

what is the best practice for this?

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Typically you would put your functions into a class in the library for the auto loader. Use the naming conventions for ZF to make life easier.
adjust your application.ini to add a namespace.


autoloaderNamespaces[] = "My_"

 //this would equate to the folder My in the folder library

 //any class you built would be named My_Classname and be called in your app by Classname()
  class My_Classname {
     public function myFunction() {

  //in your conrtoller for example you might call 

  public function indexAction()  {
   $class = new My_Classname();

   //or if you declared myFunction() static...
   $class = My_Classname::myFunction();
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Many Thanks for suggesting this idea. I just implemented it and it is working fine. –  codlib Feb 13 '12 at 6:18

Make it by following ZF directory structure:

Make Action Helpers for Controllers and View Helpers for Views :

In your library folder which is set in set_include_path:

create library/My/View/Helper/Common.php 

Like below:

    class My_View_Helper_Common extends Zend_View_Helper_Abstract
        public function common()
          return $this; 
        public function getCity($id)
            $registry = Zend_Registry::getInstance();
            $DB = $registry['DB'];  

            $result = $DB->fetchPairs("select * from firm_dtl");

            return $result;

OR Call in View:


Same process fro action helpers:

Make in library/My/Action/Helper/Common.php

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