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I read somewhere that -

You should put all CSS (files) into one single stylesheet

Question -

1) Is it good practice? if yes, then why?

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Similar: Serving a large CSS file. –  Marty Feb 13 '12 at 6:21
Just because it's less requests to the server. Each request for an external image, stylesheet, script, etc. has some fixed overhead associated with it. –  Dagg Nabbit Feb 13 '12 at 6:27

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You should combine all your CSS into one file to reduce the amount of requests made to your server.

A similar topic is sprite sheets, the combination of multiple images into one large image to also reduce the amount of requests made to your server.

You'll find that loading 100x 5kb files is a lot slower than loading a single 500kb file.

When you're ready to upload your files to a live environment, you should also consider compressing your CSS and JavaScript files. There are a vast amount of online tools for this, eg:

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Is it good practice? if yes, then why?

Because with one css file, browser sends one http request, with multiple css file browsers sends multiple http requests causing slow response to user.

This is also mentioned in Yahoo's famous:

Exceptional Performance

Check out:

Rule 1 – Make Fewer HTTP Requests

BTW, same goes true for Javascript (combine all in one) and images (use css sprites and single image)


There are two tools that can tell you how to speed up the page's speed:

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Because load time is an issue, and the more css files your website is requesting, the slower it runs.

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You should bundle all your JavaScript in single file and your css in another single file. The benefit of having all your code in single file is less http requests on server and so the server can serve more users.

At development time, its good to keep things separate for management but for deploying you can use tools that automatically minify and bundle your JS and css files.

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