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In clearcase UCM how to get the list of the checkin files between two baselines in linux ?

I am using the shell script but it's getting strucked while running the below command ?

How to redirect the out put to a text or word file ?

cleartool diffbl -act -ver label1 label1 >> data.txt

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Note: if your baselines are full, you could use a find query which might redirect in a text file better through the -print option.
See "Find changes between labels".

Otherwise, the technote "Additional examples of the cleartool find command" mentions:


When running a cleartool find command the text can run off the screen, but you can redirect the output to a text file. To capture the data to a file for viewing, printing or use by a script (or other program) the output can be redirected as follows:

To get the STDOUT information add " > file_name.txt" to the end of the command string:

cleartool find . -all -print > c:\out.txt

To get both STDOUT and STDERR information add " > file_name.txt 2>&1" to the end of the command string:

    Windows    -- cleartool find . -all -print > c:\out.txt 2>&1
    UNIX/Linux -- cleartool find . -all -print >& /tmp/out.txt
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