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I inherited a project with a Windows mobile part. To make a long story short, my problem is this:

public CustomerBase<T> Customer
    get { return _customer; }
    set { _customer = SetProperty(_customer, value); }

throws an exception.

In a watch window I have the following:

> NAME         VALUE                           TYPE

_customer   {Pss.Common.Mia.Customer}	Pss.Common.Mia.CustomerBase<System.Guid> {Pss.Common.Mia.Customer}
(Pss.Common.Mia.CustomerBase<System.Guid>)_customer Cannot convert type 'Pss.Common.Mia.CustomerBase<T>' to 'Pss.Common.Mia.CustomerBase<System.Guid>'

I am not familiar with this code, but was hoping there would be some easy way to convert 'Pss.Common.Mia.CustomerBase<T>' to 'Pss.Common.Mia.CustomerBase<System.Guid>' The seconcd Watch entry was my attemp, which as you can see fails.

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What is _customer defined as? I don't think we've got enough there to give you a full answer... –  Marc Gravell May 29 '09 at 12:17
_customer = {Pss.Common.Mia.Customer} –  callisto May 29 '09 at 12:19

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The variable _customer typed as CustomerBase<Guid> cannot possibly be cast to CustomerBase<T> since T is not known. You must also type _customer as CustomerBase<T> for this to work.

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Got it working by passing CustomerBase<Guid> as type to the function which builds the customer object

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