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I have no errors while running my plugin project in the runtime workbench but when I try to deploy it as a jar (using Export Wizards link), the jar file created does not work in other standard eclipse versions. I have tried putting the jars in the plugins folder of various eclipse installations, but to no avail. Can anyone please tell me what the issue might be all about?

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For a single plugin with no feature, you can add your deployed plugin jar to the eclipse/dropins/ folder. See the dropins folder for more information.

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Hey thanks!! I reinstalled eclipse and it works fine now. Anyway, how do we display a console for my system.outs in the jar? Is there any way I can do that, or any other debugger I could use? – Sarim Hussain Feb 14 '12 at 5:30

I found some information here:

What I have done so far:

  • open an osgi console (there is a symbol on the console window which allows you to add an osgi console - with pde installed)
  • use the command 'ss' in the console to list all bundles (i had to change my name to a name without dots for the plugin to be listed)
  • manually start the plugin with its id to show occurring exceptions

(from what I read just now, a plugin can also silently fail, the .log file didn't show any errors either)

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