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In my Spring MVC application i have HashMap returned from my controllerServlet. Now I need to print that in my jsp using JSTL. Please help on this. I'm new in all this.

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Try this,

suppose my MAP is :-

Map<String, String> countryList = new HashMap<String, String>();
countryList.put("United States", "Washington DC");
countryList.put("India", "Delhi");
countryList.put("Germany", "Berlin");
countryList.put("France", "Paris");
countryList.put("Italy", "Rome");

request.setAttribute("capitalList", countryList);

So in JSP ,

<c:forEach var="country" items="${capitalList}">
    Country: ${country.key}  - Capital: ${country.value}

Hope this helps !

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For accessing dynamic value from hash map you can use brace notation [].


For example, consider @Som's answer map

Map<String, String> countryMap = new HashMap<String, String>();
countryMap.put("United States", "Washington DC");
countryMap.put("India", "Delhi");
countryMap.put("Germany", "Berlin");
countryMap.put("France", "Paris");
countryMap.put("Italy", "Rome");

request.setAttribute("countryMap", countryMap);  


Set key

<c:set var="keyName" value="India" />  

pass the dynamic key


Or directly

${countryMap['United States']}  

See also

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