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Give this unix script, which is scheduled batch run:

isql -U$USR -S$SRVR -P$PWD -w2000 < $SCRIPTS/sample_report.sql > $TEMP_DIR/sample_report.tmp_1
sed 's/-\{3,\}//g' $TEMP_DIR/sample_report.tmp_1 > $TEMP_DIR/sample_report.htm_1
uuencode $TEMP_DIR/sample_report.htm_1 sample_report.xls > $TEMP_DIR/sample_report.mail_1

mailx -s "Daily Sample Report" email@example.com < $TEMP_DIR/sample_report.mail_1

There are occasionally cases where the sample_report.xls attached in the mail, is empty, zero lines.

I have ruled out the following:

  1. not command processing timeout - by adding the -t30 to isql, I get the xls and it contains the error, not empty
  2. not sql error - by forcing an error in the sql, I get the xls and it contains the error, not empty
  3. not sure of login timeout - by adding -l1, it does not timeout, but I can't specify a number lower than 1 second, so I can't say

I cannot reproduce this, as I do not know the cause. Has anyone else experienced this or have way to address this? Any suggestions how to find the cause? Is it the unix or the Sybase isql?

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I found the cause. Since this is scheduled, and this particular report takes a long time to generate. Other scheduled scripts, I found have this line of code:

rm -f $TEMP_DIR/*

If the this long running report, overlaps with one of the scheduled scripts with the line above, the .tmp_1 can possibly be deleted, hence blank by the time it is mailed. I replicated this by manually deleting the .tmp_1 while the report was still writing the sql in there.

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