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I have written an Android application ( in eclipse) that plays a music file as follows:

MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer();

        //  mediaPlayer.stop();

        catch (Exception e)
            Log.d("Exception---", e.getMessage());

When I run it, it does not play the file ( and does not show any exception ), but when I switch to 'debug mode', and trace it line by line, it plays the file. I'm really confused. Would you please help me find out what's wrong?


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Put a log before "mediaPlayer.setDataSource(fileName)" and check if you are getting a valid fileName in release mode.

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Dear potter, I checked it, and in both cases ( debug mode and release mode) the file name is exactly the same. But it does not play anything in release mode. What's strange, is that the log does not show any exception in release mode, but simply does not play the file. When I insert a break point at first line and trace it line by line ( with F6, in eclipse), it plays the file, after running the mediaPlayer.start(); Thank you. –  Farid Ala Feb 13 '12 at 9:12
Please note, my program uses andEngine. Does this problem related to it? –  Farid Ala Feb 13 '12 at 9:16

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