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Is there way in Spring for .NET how to use translated message from an IMessageSource as constructor argument for other object in the xml application context file? Something like <spring:message> in Java. My example:

<!-- my message source -->
<object name="messageSource" type="MyMessageSource"></object>
<object type="MyLocalizedObject">
  <!-- my object, where I need to pass tranlated message into the argument: -->
  <constructor-arg name="localizedTitle" value=">{translated title.key}<"/>
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Well, you could do it with an expression:

<object name="messageSource" type="MyMessageSource"></object>
<object type="q9257449_springmessage.MyClass, q9257449_springmessage">
  <constructor-arg name="localizedTitle" 
                   expression="@(messageSource).GetMessage('HelloMessage', 'mr.', 'Anderson')" />

There might be a better way to achieve this, but in the meantime this should get you going.

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Another approach suggested in the docs is to let the object implement IInitializingObject and use IApplicationContext inside an AfterPropertiesSet callback to set the objects's culture aware properties. But this would require changes to your codebase. –  Marijn Feb 13 '12 at 10:49
You could also implement your own IVariableSource, so that you can do <constructor-arg name="localizedTitle" value="${HelloMessage}" /> but that would not allow you to use message parameters. –  Marijn Feb 13 '12 at 11:01

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