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How do i know the users who added the record in quickbase table or who have the permission to add ,Edit or delete the record or how can i check the flow of adding a data into quickbase tables ?

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When you create a table in quickbase, it defaults to creating a field that display which user account has inserted the record. The default names are Record Owner and Last Modified By.

Record Owner is for the user who initially created the record.

Last Modified By is for the user account that last modified the record.

Date Created will tell you when it was created and Date modified will tell you when it was last modified. These fields are not default in reports. I would make a custom report that only the administrators can see to follow the tracking of the flow of records adding and editing.

The help file at this link QuickBase Help for User Control will help you understand how to manage your user accounts and also know who has access to what for which application.

Hope this helps.

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