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OS: RHEL6 x86_64

JRE: jre-6u30-linux-x64-rpm.bin - downloaded from oracle java website

SPECJVM2008: downloaded from

To install SPECJVM2008, I run this command:

java -jar SPECjvm2008_1_01_setup.jar

but nothing happens after that, the command line just hangs.

I tried java -verbose -jar SPECjvm2008_1_01_setup.jar, and found out that it stops at:

[Loaded com.zerog.ia.installer.actions.InstallUninstaller from file:/root/specjvm/SPECjvm2008_1_01_setup.jar]
[Loaded ZeroGbq from file:/root/specjvm/SPECjvm2008_1_01_setup.jar]
[Loaded ZeroGd3 from file:/root/specjvm/SPECjvm2008_1_01_setup.jar]

Any idea?


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Use the -i console option to install it command line:

$ java -jar SPECjvm2008_1_01_setup.jar -i console

In case you prefer a graphical installer:

Since you probably don't want to install a X server on your server just for this install process you can:

  • Install Xming on your windows client and start it (Xming will show up as a notification icon on the taskbar)
  • Allow X forwarding on the ssh daemon on your server. Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and make set "X11Forwarding yes"
  • Enable X11 forwarding in your putty client;
    • Check the "Enable X11 forwarding" checkbox at Connection => SSH => X11
    • Set "X display location" to localhost:0
  • Login on your server using those settings with putty.
  • Now start the SPECjvm2008 install (java -jar SPECjvm2008_1_01_setup.jar)

The graphical installer will now popup on your windows client.

(There are some prerequisites which I didn't describe here. You will find more information on the Xming website.)

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