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I would like to use gerrit to handle the staging steps, something like this

  • push
  • review by developer
  • button "merge to testing"
  • e.g. client side testing
  • button "merge testing to master"

It seems there is already everything in place to do so:

How do I need to set my gerrit up to behave this way?

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That seems like a custom patched Gerrit installation at Nokia. In the public available Gerrit package you cannot merge to a staging branch.

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oh, that's a pity. i'll see if i can find a nice work around – 4eyes Feb 16 '12 at 7:44

We are merging into a code reviewed devel branch that is built onto a testing server. Jenkins does the builds of that devel branch and builds the changes that go into refs/for/devel for code review.

Testing is done separately and documented, though arguably this process is less controlled than the code review but it works well nonetheless as we're doing quite a bit of ad hoc testing prior to code review, along with JUnit tests.

I guess there are many tools to manage QA, though this is the first I see of gerrit being used for managing testing.

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