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I have created a main report, I am adding a subreport now.

When I run the report, I need my main report to be followed by subreport in the next page with the main report's title and page header thing in it.

How to do this?

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Can you post the screenshot of your report design? Are using iReport? – Alex K Feb 14 '12 at 8:28

It sounds like you are putting your sub report into the summary section of the report. By default the page header does not print with a summary section that goes onto a new page. Since Jasper version 3.6.1 there is an option for having your page header print with your summary section. See this link: jasper report header not printed on summary page

In versions prior to this, you would need to put your sub report into a group footer. If needed you could create a dummy group footer (you could call it "Dummy"), and have it's Group Expression = "new Integer(1)". That should do the trick.

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