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I have implemented my GWT application using Spring + GWTP.

I want to access HttpServletRequest object into my ActionHandler class.

The ServerModule is Spring Configuration class (using @Configuration Annotation).

Now problem is how can I inject the current HttpServletRequest, ServletContext, ServletConfig in my ActionHandler using Spring.

Following is the definition of ServerModule:

public class ServerModule extends HandlerModule
   public UserVerficationActionHandler getUserVerificationActionActionHandler()
      return new UserVerficationActionHandler();

In above Example I just want to inject the HttpServletRequest using Spring.

Any guidance on this highly appreciated.


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It seems I have to work it out using HttpSessionListener and Filter. Though it would be nice if I can inject request object using Spring DI. –  Bhavesh Feb 13 '12 at 16:31

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The RequestProvider is your solution. It's a class in gwt-dispatch-server jar.

DefaultModule provides the RequestProvider bean so that you can just inject it into places you need it.

Take a look at the sourcec code for com.gwtplatform.dispatch.server.spring.configuration.DefaultModule which creates the RequestProvider as a DefaultRequestProvider which then defers to RequestContextHolder to do the work.

See the link for what you need to add to your web.xml to get this to work.

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