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i am currently investigating possibilities for profiling/benchmarking javascript code in terms of runtime behavior. I know that there are some decent tools if you run the code in your browser (firebug, chrome dev-tools, etc.), but I am looking for a method that can be automated for testing. If possible, I would like to integrate performance tests (e.g. execution time of certain functions/code blocks) into a CI cycle. Additionally, i would like to collect runtime information about memory allocations.

Currently i track the execution time of functions/code blocks by adding tracking-code by hand. Has anybody implemented a better solution to do this? How do you profile/benchmark your JS code?

Please share your experience with me! Thanks

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jsperf.com is made for benchmarking. –  knutole Jan 17 '13 at 20:11

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John Resig wrote in 2009 about a free tool that profiles IE (and now Firefox, too) in detail. According to the vendor the Premium Version also integrates with Selenium and supports Web Driver scripts.

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