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I need a help regarding an issue in android...

I have an application with a name "Example" which i declared it in string<string name="app_name">Example</string>and now i want to add some buttons/icons like search beside my app_name...

on emulator it should look in this format: app_name-------------------------icon1--icon2--icon3

hope my question is clear at least up to some extent

can anyone help me how to achieve this i'm new to android clear explanation will be more helpful please help me................

Thank you in advance

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you want to add icon with application name in phone gallery?

you modify your manifest file

    android:icon="@drawable/here is your image name"
    android:label="@string/app_name" >

you simply chage application icon

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Just set these icons in the drawable folder. I prefer it in the medium quality. Then just add these images in your main.xml

android:background="@drawable/round_button" />
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