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Remove objects in this code works fine in jquery 1.5, but doesn't work with jquery 1.6:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<style>.content {border: 1px solid #333;} .delete {color: red;}</style>
<script src=""></script>
<div id="master">
<div class="content">Some content <span class="delete">Delete</span></div>
<div class="clone">Clone</div>
    $(".clone").click(function () {

    $(".delete").click(function () {

With Jquery 1.6+ I can remove just first element. Why it doesn't work?

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There seems to be an issue with clone() in 1.5.0 that was fixed in 1.5.1 regarding the optional withDataAndEvents parameter.

From the documentation:

In jQuery 1.5.0 the default value was incorrectly true; it was changed back to false in 1.5.1 and up.

Your code should thus be:

$(".clone").click(function () {

$(".delete").click(function () {
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