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When using a Postsharp OnMethodBoundaryAspect, is there some way to get the calling assembly that initiated the call to a given method? GetCallingAssembly just returns the assembly that the method being called is in.

Note - I am having trouble with the postsharp forums, otherwise I would have posted it there.

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No; there is no way.

The only way is to walk the stack using System.Diagnostics.StackTrace.


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Ouch, don't want to do that. Okay, thanks. –  Bob May 29 '09 at 13:35
But what is your problem with the PostSharp forum? Nobody complains any more, so i guess it's more or less stable... –  Gael Fraiteur May 29 '09 at 13:57
Walking through the stack is not such a pain: geekswithblogs.net/alternativedotnet/archive/2006/02/04/…, Check the GetCallingAssemblies() method impementation. –  Groo May 29 '09 at 15:28
No pain, but a performance burden... –  Gael Fraiteur May 29 '09 at 15:52

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