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The database has a series of columns, some of which are not indexed. The search currently uses LIKE which doesn't pick up on much of anything, and I would like it to pick up a much broader range of values.

Current search - WHERE name LIKE '%longsword%'

Desired search:

Searching for "longsword"

should bring back results from rows that have "long sword", "long-sword" and "longsword".

The same is true for a search like "battle-axe"

which should return results like "battleaxe", "battle-axe" and "battle axe"

Some searches are more complicated like "super mega epic longsword". I'm also searching multiple columns (name, description, custom, etc.). Not all of the columns are indexed either (not my choice) so unless I'm using MATCH wrong, I can't get the non-indexed columns included.

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Have you tried using MySQL wildcard character %? As in %sword and %axe? (I think I have the format right,but maybe not.) –  Pete Wilson Feb 13 '12 at 10:38
You have the format right, but %longsword% is the current formula. It won't pick up on variations thereof like 'long-sword' –  Organiccat Feb 13 '12 at 10:42

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