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I have this function (that I bind to M-c i) that connect to the irc server in freenode.net

(defun irc ()
  "Connect to the freenode"
  (erc :server "barjavel.freenode.net"
       :port 6667
       :nick "jcubic"
       :password "<MY PASSWORD>"))

how can I try to login to few servers, I can login into irc.freenode.net and others in Europe they reject me (function is executed I wait a while and they it show that it can't connect) or show me instantly that the server is wrong (probably 6667 port is closed).

How function, that try to connect to freenode irc servers, should look like?

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I don't understand this question, but as an elisp hacker I'd like to help. –  nic ferrier Mar 4 '12 at 22:07
I want a function that will try to connect to list of irc servers and if it fail it try to connect to another one and if it connect it break the loop. (dolist (server list-of_servers) (erc :server server ...)) –  jcubic Mar 5 '12 at 16:11

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