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Is it possible in DQL, to specify the class name as a WHERE or GROUP BY clause?

That would be very useful when having a hierarchy of users, for example:

SELECT a FROM Article a
JOIN a.owner o
WHERE o.class = ?
SELECT u.class, COUNT(*)
FROM User u
GROUP BY u.class
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There's the "INSTANCE OF" syntax in DQL:

your first example:

SELECT a FROM Article a
JOIN a.owner o

I'm not sure you do what you're trying to do in the second case, though.

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INSTANCE OF is the closest solution to what I'm looking for (this includes subclasses as well, where I would have been interested to return instances of this class only). About the second case, this would be a query to return the number of objects for each class. – Benjamin May 26 '12 at 21:28

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