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I use parallel_for from ppl.h and when I run the program from visual studio (2010) both debug and release version they run quite slow compared to running the executable from outside visual studio. Is there some option that I can disable, only in the release version maybe, to run the program faster inside visual studio?

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You can try running the program without the debugger being attached to it. In C++-Mode the shortcut for that is CTRL + F5.

  • If this is still slow, there may be some environment variable that is (not) being set when run from Visual Studio but when you run it outside of VS.
  • If it's fast now, then the attached debugger probably slows your application down. If and how this can be improved depends on your project type, i.e. programming language, I guess.
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ctrl+f5 does the trick, thanks. – MarcoS Feb 13 '12 at 14:01

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