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I have a MS ACCESS UPDATE query which I have added in C# code but when it throws an error

"Syntax error in UPDATE Statement" during the run time.

string sqlStatement = "UPDATE Carriers" + "SET CarrierName = @CarrierName, AccountRepName = @AccountRepName, AccountRepContactPhone = @AccountRepContactPhone, AccountRepEmail= @AccountRepEmail, Notes=@Notes" + "WHERE CarrierID = @CarrierID";

kindly help me out in this

regards, arjun

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You don't have space between Carriers & SET

Statement should be

string sqlStatement = "UPDATE Carriers" + " SET CarrierName

Earlier your query was something like this

sqlStatement = "UPDATE CarriersSET CarrierName"....

As you have CarriersSET, this is causing error...

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At the very least you need a space after Carriers (so "UPDATE Carriers "), and before WHERE (so " WHERE CarrierID = @CarrierID";)

string sqlStatement = "UPDATE Carriers " + "SET CarrierName = @CarrierName, AccountRepName = @AccountRepName, AccountRepContactPhone = @AccountRepContactPhone, AccountRepEmail= @AccountRepEmail, Notes=@Notes" + " WHERE CarrierID = @CarrierID";

This might correct your issue, assuming you are setting all your @ parameters correctly.

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thank you Remou and James!! My error was cleared! – Arjun Babu Feb 13 '12 at 11:30

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