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I need to get a list of Articles sorted by the latest Comment from a related table joined on article.id = message.article_id using Kohana ORM. I managed to build a query that GROUPS and only then ORDERS:

FROM  `articles` 
LEFT JOIN  `comments` ON (  `articles`.`id` =  `comments`.`article_id` ) 
GROUP BY  `comments`.`item_id` 
ORDER BY  `datetime` DESC 

The query I am trying to build is:

(SELECT article_id, MAX(datetime) as datetime FROM comments GROUP BY (article_id)) 
AS b ON `articles`.`id` = b.`article_id` 
ORDER BY datetime 

I have no idea how to rewrite it into Kohana ORM... (and I can't avoid ORM because there is a ton of code that depends on it)

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$subquery = DB::select('article_id', array('MAX("datetime")','datetime'))

$s = ORM::factory('article')
    ->join(array($subquery, 'b'), 'LEFT')

This is the translation of your query, I'm not really sure if it will work

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Thanks man, it worked. In my defence, Kohana docs clearly state join()'s first parameter has to be a string and I believed them ). –  user1158010 Feb 14 '12 at 3:54
ORM::factory('article')->join('comments', 'LEFT')->on('article.id', '=', 'comments.article_id')->group_by('comments.id')->order_by('date', 'DESC')->find_all()->as_array();

This generates sql as :

SELECT article.* FROM articles AS article LEFT JOIN comments ON (article.id = comments.article_id) GROUP BY comments.id ORDER BY date DESC

which matches your first query.

I'm not sure how to use nested query in ORM but there is Query builder in kohana which should do the trick for you.

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