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I use the cygwin version of GNU screen (Screen version 4.00.03 (FAU) 23-Oct-06) where I can vertically split the screen into left and right windows. But I couldn't find any commands to show a vertical bar to show where the screen is split. Is there a way to show something similar to the horizontal bar when you split the screen into top and bottom halves?

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you can achieve this by adding the following line to your ~/.screenrc:

  • hardstatus alwayslastline "%1`"

also, a tip; i'd recommend "ctrl-a |" rather than "ctrl a S" for a vertical split, than a horizontal one. this is my personal preference, which just happens to already include a divider bar.

make sure you're using the latest version of GNU Screen

/tips hat

good hacking, sir

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err...it did not work, I modified hardstatus alwayslastline "%{.bW}%-w%{.rW}%n %t%{-}%+w %=%{..G} %H %{..Y} %m/%d %C%a " that I already had in my .screenrc with a %1 at the end and it didn't work. Does it work with the version I mentioned in my post above? – Sivaram Mar 12 '12 at 6:09


on minute 2:00 that would be a solution

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFdqyccdWUE on minute 2:00 that would be a solution

  1. Ctrl-a S #create another windows
  2. Ctrl-a Tab #moving from another windows
  3. Ctrl-a c #create new session
  4. Ctrl-a | #splitting vertical
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