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TASK TO BE ACCOMPLISHED: To schedule a perl script which is executed on a specific time / day in a week

THINGS I HAVE DONE: In a schedule Tasks, I have created a new Task by which the Task will call a batch file with below contents

cd "DRIVE\FOLDER\Hummingbird\Connectivity\14.00\Exceed\"


cd mDrive/bin

perl -publish -location XXX -email

THINGS NOT WORKING FOR ME / CAUSING THE ISSUE: Wen I run the scheduler, the prompt opens up the ABCD.xs exceed file window seperately file but the below commands are executed in the command pronpt itself

EXPECTED OUTPUT: I want the commands cd mDrive/bin perl -publish -location XXX -email to be executed in the exceed window

Any kind of solution wud be great

Thanks in advance.


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I found out Exceed is an X server. For the benefit of us who are not familiar with the software, what happens when ABCD.xs runs? Does it spawn an xterm or perform some other sort of (pseudo) terminal activity? This information is crucial for giving an appropriate answer. – daxim Feb 13 '12 at 15:37
ABCD.xs opens up a CCM (Synergy) window (connecting to the server configured) which is all set expecting a command to execute... – HARESH KRISHNAN Feb 14 '12 at 4:55

Sounds like you need to start getting into either SendKey stuff (Win32 packages) or else look into writing Exceed/Hummingbird scripts and just executing those.

Some other things to look into... does the remote server have a telnet or ssh server running? Or are there other methods of executing code on the remote server?

For example, my work's mainframe is accessed via a Hummingbird terminal emulator, but I can also telnet to the mainframe and execute commands as well as FTP batch job directly into the JES spool. So when I execute things on the mainframe by way of my PC (Perl scripts, etc.), I don't even fool with Hummingbird.

Good luck...

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