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I have a Terminal shell script file start.command that I launch from finder with:

ls -l

The file is in ~/foo but list ~, can I get the path of it's containing dir. I'd like to launch an application that is in the same folder as the file when the user runs the .command but it seems like I would need the absolute path to the file for that to work.

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Assuming bash, you need to cd to the script's enclosing directory before running ls.

You can one-line it with this:

cd "`dirname "$0"`"

All of the extra quotes are needed to handle spaces in the directory paths, if any.

$0 is the script's relative path, i.e. whatever you used on the command line to invoke it. dirname strips the filename from the path.

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Awesome! Thanks for this hint!! –  jsherk Jul 23 '12 at 3:48

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