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i am new to facebook android sdk.i want to upload images from camera or gallery through application to facebook wall . i have wriiten code like this but its not working.Please help me any help will be appreciated. I have given this permission :

private static final String[] PERMISSIONS = new String[] {"user_photos","publish_stream", "read_stream", "offline_access","photo_upload"};

my posting code is like this:

    AsyncFacebookRunner mAsyncFbRunner = new AsyncFacebookRunner(mFacebook);

    Bundle params = new Bundle();

    params.putString("method", "photos.upload");
    params.putByteArray("picture", photoId);

    mAsyncFbRunner.request("me/photos", params, "POST", new WallPostListener());

But its not working for me.Please help me

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What isn't working? Are you getting an error? – Igy Feb 13 '12 at 11:55
no..i am not getting any error.but it is not posting in my wall – Ullas Feb 13 '12 at 12:20

Try this one LINK

it may helps you.

and the other way is

Bundle params = new Bundle();

String attachment="{\"name\":\""+Title+"\"," +
                "\"href\":\"Title Link.\"," +
                "\"caption\":\""+Fb Caption Message+"\",\"description\":" +
                "\""+ImageDescription+"\",\"media\":" +
                "[{\"type\":\"image\",\"src\":" +
                "\""+Image_url+"\"," +
                "\"Linkable URL Path\":" +


i am using this way in one of my app.

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