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my plesk panel

This is what my plesk panel looks like. There is a databases item under applications & services. when I click it, it allows me to add a new database but I cannot figure out how to add an existing database (SQL Server 2008) to it. I googled it a lot and the most common reply was to just simply run the database's script! Where to run the script, is my question.

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Ok this is a bit tricky because phpmyadmin has direct import. But there is some good out there with which we .Net developers can live with.

you can do following steps.

  1. Run your sql server configuration manager and configure your TCiP=> enabled and restart sql service
  2. Login to Plesk create database and add user to it.
  3. Create ODBC SQL connection there.
  4. Replace (local) with the your website DNS(ip) and manage rest of settings. Note that you have to provide username and password here that you added for db user
  5. Test the connection if it is a success then you are almost done
  6. In your SQL server Management Studio you connect using above credentials (server add,username and Pass)
  7. If successful you would be connected and see the database you created there.
  8. You can right click database and GOTO Tasks->Import and Export from that wizard you need to select the appropriate source and then wizard will guide you all the way.

there you go......

Happy Programming :)

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