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In various projects there are certain parts I will keep jumping to. Is there a way to effectively "bookmark" these parts, so I can quickly jump back to a certain line in a certain file (or a certain method)?

I keep getting lost navigating the solution or doing a "find in whole project/solution".

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In Visual Studio, you can set markers in the code.

To jump between Markers:

Ctrl + K + N (for next)


Ctrl + K + P (for preivous)

To set a new marker

Ctrl + K + K

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That's super - is there a way to label them and look them up? Or are they designed as a temporary thing? Also, is there a way to jump between breakpoints? –  joshcomley May 29 '09 at 14:12
Unfortunately, you can't label markers. There might be a plug-in that does it, but I'm not sure. I'm unaware of a keyboard shortcut to jump between breakpoints. –  Jordan Parmer May 29 '09 at 14:23

Yes, press the hotkey combination Ctrl + K + K (that's Ctrl and K, followed by another K) to toggle a bookmark.

Then you can do Ctrl + K + N for the next bookmark and Ctrl + K + P for the previous bookmark.

It works like a charm!

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I too was looking for a better solution to this, having moved from the Delphi 7 IDE to Visual Studio 2010 recently. @j0rd4n's comment that there might be a plug-in that does this directed me to the Extension Manager & a search for Bookmark brought up DPack.

This gives @joshcomley exactly what he is looking for.

Note: Once installed I had to edit the keyboard mappings via Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard. I put DPack into the Show commands containing edit box, and then scrolled down to find the GoToBookmark[x] and ToggleBookmark[x] that were not working for me and assigned them using the Press shortcut keys edit box. (Make a note of what the "Shortcut [is] currently being used by" before you do this, though; I wouldn't want you to overwrite a function that you don't realize you use extensively!)

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thanks @agf - I'll do those markups from now on. –  lukkea Aug 13 '11 at 21:24
No problem. Good first answer! –  agf Aug 14 '11 at 0:50

Recent versions of Visual Studio (at least from Visual Studio 2010) have all the comfort for bookmarking. Here is my workflow:

First, you should remember two shortcuts, Show Bookmark Window and Toggle Bookmark. In my setup it is Ctrl + W + B and Ctrl + B + T respectively.

Second, set the Bookmark window to autohide. That step was important for me to finally make bookmarking easy and comforting.

That's how I use bookmarks:

When I am in a position of interest, I Toggle Bookmark and Show Bookmark Window, then press F2 and rename entry — using reasonable names is very helpful for easy navigation.

When I want to get to another position of interest, I Show Bookmark Window, navigate to needed entry, press enter, and voila, I am there.

For me, discovering autohide of a bookmark window was cricial: it allows to quickly get the full view of points of interest, and then it leaves and returns focus to the editor.

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I literally thought of a way of doing this as I clicked post!

I could use the TODO feature, adding my own custom prefix of "BOOKMARK", or "BM" if I'm going to be lazy.

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use built-in bookmarks instead. it will keep you from unnecessary code modification. –  Andrey May 29 '09 at 13:53

Go to View | Toolbars and check the Text Editor toolbar so it shows up. It has toolbar buttons to Toggle (create/delete) a bookmark on the current line Ctrl-B, T, as well as navigation to the next/prev bookmark, where the navigation is scoped to the solution, folder, or document, depending on which button you use.

Once you have a bookmark created, go to View | Other Windows and select the Bookmark Window (or just press Ctrl-W, B). That will display the list of all the bookmarks. You can double-click any bookmark to jump to it, or use the toolbar button in the Bookmark window for prev/next.

You can also name/rename your bookmarks in the Bookmark window. Right-click on the name and choose rename, or select the name and click it again to enter in to the edit mode.

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