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I'm trying to run mount command from shell script. The code I use is below:

echo mypassword | sudo -S mount -o loop system.img system

If I write this code directly to the terminal, everything is perfect. But when I write in a script, and run script from terminal, a problem occurs. The directory, which I created in my script gets system^M after I mount it. The directory name stays as system but I can access it from terminal by writing this:

cd system^M/

Because of this issue I can't run my after commands, cause they can't find my system directory. Besides, when I run the scripti, it mounts the img file but it gives an error message such as : not found

Does anybody know, what the problem is?

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Is there a chance that your shell script was saved with CRLF line endings instead of just LF? – Don Cruickshank Feb 13 '12 at 12:41

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Looks like your script is being saved with DOS line terminators (CRLF, CR is printed as ^M on unix terminal in most cases). Make sure it's saved with UNIX line terminators.

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I thought that but I couldn't find what I should do? Now it works fine, thank you. – juliadream Feb 13 '12 at 12:52

Your editor writes Windows (CR+LF) instead of Unix (only LF) line breaks, see the newline article of Wikipedia for more details.

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The directory name did not stay 'as system'; Verify that by doing

ls -b 

to see the escapes.

Fix the lineends for your script:

# or

Using vim,

vim +"se ff=unix|wq"
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