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I have an MVC 2 page. In it there is a declaration at the top...

<%@ Import Namespace="EDF.ESCS.CAFE.AppSDK.Web.Mvc.Html" %>

I want to investigate this namespace. I looked at the references in the project and its not obvious which reference because they have different names.

I want to find out which dll this is coming from? But how can I do this in visual studio?

I have got re-sharper but I would prefer to use just visual studio so I know for next time...

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There's not a one-to-one relationship between namespaces and references. Types under the same namespace may span over several assemblies.

If you use Visual Studio's object browser (Ctrl+Alt+J), you can view all the referenced types, either by namespace or reference. If you view by namespace, select a type within a namespace, then view by container, it'll bring you to the reference which contains it.

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