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I am working with a Progress OpenEdge DB, and I access it from python, with pyodbc module.

My problem is about blob fields.


f = open('./myFile.pdf', 'r')

value = f.read()

q = '''INSERT INTO "testTab1" (tt_id,tt_desc,tt_blob) VALUES ('1','descrizione01', ?)'''
cu.execute(q, pyodbc.Binary(value))

So far, all works fine (I checked 'manually' the inserted record) ...

 cu.execute('''SELECT tt_blob FROM "testTab1" WHERE tt_id = '1' ''')

  result = cu.fetchall()

  print '==>', len(result)

result is always None. If I try to read any other field, no problem. If I try to read the blob field (or all the fields), result is None.

Please can anyone help me? Thanks


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In the code above, our variable name is value but you're inserting valore. Typo? –  Bryan Eargle Feb 13 '12 at 13:30
It was a mistake: I corrected, thank you. –  Fabio Mei Feb 15 '12 at 10:57

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