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I wrote a python code to passing ctypes structure to c library function

python code:

from ctypes import *

class Info(Structure):
   _field_ = [("input",c_int),

info = Info()

info.input = c_int(32)
info.out = c_int(121)

lib = CDLL("./").getVal
a = lib(byref(info))

c code :

#include <stdio.h>

struct info{
    int input;
    int out;

void getVal(struct info *a){
    printf("in = %i \n", a->input);
    printf("out = %i \n", a->out);

compile it using command : gcc -shared -fPIC -o sharedLib.c

output :

in = 0 
out = 0 

My problem is, why output is different from value that i set in python code. Is there any solution ? Im in 32-bit environment

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2 Answers 2

In the ctypes structure definition, you wrote _field_ instead of _fields_. As a result, the fields aren't translated to their C equivalents.

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wow thanks, the problem is solved –  Alvin Feb 13 '12 at 13:26

Try adding:

lib.argtypes = [POINTER(Info)]

before calling lib.

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+1 for the advice to set argtypes, typically good to also set restype. If you set both of these Python does its best to protect the user from seg faults by doing a bit of checking. –  Brian Larsen Feb 20 '12 at 23:20

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