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I want to create a new column for each language type in a language table.

so each language can be found with: select code from languages;

For each language code I want a new column in another table..

Manually I would run

alter table blah add column text_en_GB; alter table blah add column text_fr_FR; ...

I hoped I could build queries using: select concat ("alter table blah add column text_", code, ";\n") from languages; then prepare and execute this but that doesn't work with a block of statements. :(

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You should take a look at CURSORS .

You can define a procedure that opens a cursor for a SELECT statement (the one that extract all the languages that you need) and the inside the LOOP of the cursor you do an ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN with the desired strings that you are extracting ;)

You can find some examples here

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I considered this solution but looks like rather a lot of code for what it does! Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a better way. Thanks very much for your help. – Tom Brown Feb 14 '12 at 10:04
It's not that bad ... in a 20-30 lines of code you easy achieve what you're seeking :) don't forget to select the best answer! – VAShhh Feb 15 '12 at 10:57

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