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I’m experiencing a problem and I’d like to know if someone else does.

I use Qt 4.8.0 Commercial for VS2010 + Qt Add-in 1.1.10 + VS2010.

Everything is fine, except that when I create in VS2010 a “Setup Project” and add to it the output of the Qt project, the dependecies of the output (QtCore, QtGui, even VC100_CRT) are not found nor updated.

There’s something strange happening to the Primary Output of the Qt project: for instance, in the “File System” window of the Setup project I can see the Primary Output icon, but if I right click on it I cannot create a shortcut to it (the option is missing). If I build the whole thing, I get an .msi installer with only the bare .exe file.

The funny thing is that I if import a previous Qt project from VS2008 to VS2010, there is no problem at all: previous Setup projects continue to work great, and new Setup projects connected to existing Qt projects work fine as well.

Any help or hint will be appreciated.

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Hi, I was wondering if you found a solution to creating the shortcut. When I right-click on mine, I can't select a shortcut too. In the end, I've resorted to adding the compiled exe (rather than the primary output) and then I can create a shortcut to that. For the dependencies, I just added them in manually. Perhaps you've done the same. It's really weird. I'm using VS2010 also. –  Jean-Luc Feb 19 '12 at 1:43
Hello, unfortunately I haven't find any solutions other than the same workaround of yours. It's so weird... :( –  mansut Mar 9 '12 at 9:25

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Actually, The problem is with output path of the Primary output. See the property of the "Primary" project. Go to


Here you will see the value


That's where the problem lies. Change it to


(Remove the backslash).

Rebuild the complete project. Now add it to the setup project. Dependencies would be found fine now. No shortcut problem too.


already contains a backslash. So appending another confuses it and the output exe is not found. Hence neither dependencies are detected, nor shortcut is allowed.

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