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I have a requirement, I have two DB hosted @ different port's!

For now, let it be at different port as 8080 and 8081

Now, when ever there is any change in RavenDB @ port 8080, it should get reflected into 8081 port DB.

Currently, I am able to dig into the Raven Sample Application folder

And execute(After going thru some blog post's and previous question from StackOverflow Raven DB Replication Setup Issue)

Start Raven.ps1

var documentStore1 = new DocumentStore { Url = "http://localhost:8080" }.Initialize();
        var documentStore2 = new DocumentStore { Url = "http://localhost:8081" }.Initialize();

After Initializing DocumentStore, i am trying to save Data

using(var session1 = documentStore1.OpenSession())
            session1.Store(new User { Id = "users/ayende", Name = "Ayende" });

        using (var session2 = documentStore2.OpenSession())
            session2.Store(new User { Id = "users/ayende", Name = "Oren" });

As per my understanding, it should get reflected in Both the DB's. Please rectify, if i am wrong? But this is not happening!

If, i execute the first set of insert query :-

using(var session1 = documentStore1.OpenSession())
            session1.Store(new User { Id = "users/ayende", Name = "Ayende" });

It only save's in port 8080 but not in 8081.

Please let me know, how can i achieve the desired(Replication).


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You didn't setup the replication bundle. That is what causes the replication. You can do that via the instructions in: http://old.ravendb.net/documentation/replication

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