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I'm trying to change the body content (remove all the content) and then put there iframe:

function create_iframe(target){
    var link = document.createElement('iframe');
    link.setAttribute('id', 'target_u');
    link.src = target;
    document.body.innerHTML = link;

but it prints

[object HTMLIFrameElement]

what's the problem?

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link is a <iframe> element, not a string. Use the replaceChild method instead:

document.documentElement.replaceChild(link, document.body);
//^^^^parent element^^^^  New element ^^^^, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Old element

Or, a better approach, since <body> should be kept, use appendChild, after clearing the body:

document.body.innerHTML = '';    // Clear contents
document.body.appendchild(link); // Append frame
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thank you for that –  some folk Feb 13 '12 at 14:14
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